Water, Bridges, Fountains

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There are water features in a number of the gardens: lakes, ponds, streams, small waterfalls, fountains and bridges. Some examples are pictured here; to learn more, call to arrange a scout.

Lakes, ponds, and streams can be found in the Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, and Lily Ponds.

In the Entrance Area there is also a narrow formal runnel of water, surrounded by native plants.

There are two relatively accessible waterfalls, in the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden.

Not surprisingly, there are bridges on every lake and pond, but there is also a lovely stone bridge over a river of flowers in the Shakespeare Garden.

Finally, there are fountains of every size and kind, from the simple modern one in the Entrance Area to the more formal and elaborate by the Library, the North Vista and the Rose Garden.



Chinese Garden lake
A stream runs between the Chinese and Japanese Gardens
The Japanese Garden pond
One of the Lily Ponds
The Entrance Area runnel stream
Waterfall in the Chinese Garden
Waterfall in the Japanese Garden
Bridges in the Chinese Garden
Bridges in the Japanese Garden
Bridge in the Lily Ponds
Shakespeare Garden - a bridge over a river of flowers
Entrance Area fountain
North Vista
Rose Garden
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