Japanese Garden

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A stream runs down the canyon from the Chinese Garden, ending in a series of ponds in the center of the Japanese Garden. Although the entire garden covers 9 acres, this central portion is probably the best known, where a round “moon bridge” arches over the pond, with a nineteenth century Japanese House perched on the hill above it. 

In 2012, an authentic ceremonial Tea House was added on the ridge above, opening up new vistas from which to view the original garden.

The hillside opposite this canyon features carved stones and a Japanese gong, housed in a temple-like structure. An arbor-covered stairway leads up to the rose garden; covered, in spring, with purple wisteria flowers. (More about the Japanese Garden.)



19th c. Japanese House (not the Tea House)
Behind the original House, a path winds down the hill through bamboo.
Bridge to the Zen Garden
Another small zig-zag bridge through the bamboo.
The Japanese Tea House
Path to the Chinese Garden
Foo dogs at the Rose Garden entrance to the garden
The gong structure
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