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Switched At Birth
Prodco Inc./ABC Freeform2016
Jungle Garden, Lily Ponds, Chinese Garden
Although this ABC Freeform show filmed in January of 2016, the episode, “The Call”, didn’t air for over a year, when it became the premiere episode of the fifth and final season. Three scenes were shot here over a very long and occasionally rainy Tuesday; they all appear towards the beginning of the episode. The teaser finds Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and Bay (Vanessa Marano), the two leads, stumbling lost through the jungle (Jungle Garden) and into a “Chinese village”, where they enter a hut the production constructed in the Lily Ponds. There is a night party sequence, filmed in the Plantain Court and Teahouse in the Chinese Garden, and an additional Lily Ponds scene, where the girls wait to meet Bay’s boyfriend Travis (Ryan Lane), who arrives on a motorscooter. (The scene as originally written specified a rural bus, but the constraints of time and logistics resulted in using the scooter instead, which allowed them to wind picturesquely through a bamboo path to arrive on the scene.)