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Little Fockers
Australian lawn, Rose Garden
Three scenes were filmed at The Huntington for “Little Fockers”, but only two of them made it into the final movie. The main scene is the over the top children’s birthday party for Henry and Samantha Focker, and prior to that, there is a scene where Kevin (Owen Wilson) explains his vision for the party, filmed on the Australian lawn before construction of the party set began. The third scene, shot in the Rose Garden, was a nightmare wedding sequence where Greg (Ben Stiller) dreams he’s marrying Jack (Robert DeNiro). Although it didn’t make the final cut, it’s included as the “Alternate Opening” in the Bonus DVD features. From their first prep day in the Rose Garden to the final wrap day on the Australian lawn, “Little Fockers” was a presence at The Huntington for two and a half months, from 11/2/09 to 1/13/10. The party set was so extensive that it remained standing (bouncy castles deflated) even over the holidays. The company filmed here for a total of 20 days during those 2 ˝ months, with another 12 days taken up by set building, rehearsals, and the final strike. Special tents were built in the west end of the Australian garden for the care and feeding of the nearly 200 background artists working at the party. Nearly half of them were children (requiring additional tents so they could put in their mandatory school hours). An additional area was set aside to cater lunch for cast and crew, and the back gate to Euston Rd. was opened to accommodate the shuttle vehicles transporting everyone to their off-site parking at Santa Anita racetrack. The scenes with Dustin Hoffman at the party were not shot here; those scenes were additional photography, filmed in the fall at the LA County Arboretum.
The party set stretched across the entire north end of the lawn.
Ice on the lawn one cold December morning.
Observant visitors may notice this bench on the Australian lawn, donated by the production company after filming.