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Iron Man 2
The Huntington appears three times in “Iron Man 2”—but fairly subtly. The final awards ceremony is the easiest to spot; it was filmed on the front steps of the Munger Research Center. Less obvious is one of the final fight scenes, set in a Japanese Garden supposedly located under a dome at the Stark Expo. The garden is remarkably similar to ours – there’s a moon bridge, and a canyon – but the house is different and there’s a large waterfall. The actual scene was not filmed here – but the garden was modeled directly after ours. They used a laser based measuring technology (called LIDAR) to photograph our Japanese Garden, then created their own computer generated location, infinitely more suitable for a high-tech explosive fight scene. And finally (and so subtle it should win you points in any Iron Man trivia contest) – at the beginning of the movie, there’s a splashy first scene where Tony Stark is introduced, making a presentation at his Expo during a big stage show surrounded by dancing girls. As he leaves the stage, the scene cuts to a newscaster standing outside the building in front of happy crowds held back by barricades. That location was, in fact, the entrance to the Erburu Gallery, making its feature film debut.
Photos: © 2010 The Huntington. Marvel character names & likenesses: TM & © 2010 Marvel Entertainment. All Rights Reserved