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Maps and Directions

Although The Huntington’s street address is on Oxford Rd., we strongly recommend you do NOT use a computer mapping service, like Mapquest, to locate us, because it will send you through the back streets of residential San Marino to the wrong gate. Our primary gate (and the only gate recommended for production vehicles) is at Allen and Orlando. Please provide the following map (or something similar of your own design) to your crew; if you need additional directions, contact us.

Please Note: In May 2011 there was a significant change to the official truck route. Please check the current route map, even if you have been to The Huntington before.

Driving Directions To The Huntington

Here is a map of The Huntington parking lot. Production parking is normally located in the north section (Lot C), and there you’ll see aisle names and arrows showing the normal direction of traffic. The numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of (car size) stalls available in the particular aisle. Note that the ring road (around the entire parking lot) runs one way, counter-clockwise. Please inspect the parking lot yourself to determine its suitability for your production vehicles, and discuss your aisle preferences with the Media Coordinator.

Map of the Parking Lot

Map of the Grounds