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Contact Us
For more information or to schedule a scout, please contact Dinah LeHoven at:
(626) 405-2215

or, via email.

The FAX number is (626) 449-1987.

The filming office is generally open 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday (although those hours vary a lot when there is a production here). Please call in advance to arrange a scout; there is no guarantee someone will be able to accompany you if you drop in unannounced. (The property covers 207 acres, so it's a lot more efficient if one of us can escort you.)

Our Mailing Address

Although The Huntington's street address is on Oxford Rd., we strongly recommend you do NOT use a computer mapping service, like Mapquest, to locate us, because it will send you through the back streets of residential San Marino to the wrong gate. Our primary gate (and the only gate recommended for production vehicles) is at Allen and Orlando. Here is a map to the Allen gate; if you need additional directions, contact us.

Please address all mail to:
Dinah LeHoven
The Huntington Library
1151 Oxford Rd.
San Marino, CA 91108